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RS America Door Panel set 1965-1973 Upholster it Yourself Kit

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Price: $459.00
Item Number: DP9RUIY
Configuration: S-RED_
RS America RSA Style door panels Upholster it Yourself Kit 
This set is designed for the following 1965-1973 models
911,911E, 911T, 911S or  912
For the same set for your later model see part number DP4RUIY
We start with a water resistant fiberboard specifically designed for door panels and bond to it a thin layer of sound/vibration deadening foam. This makes for a quiet ride. This set not upholstered, you staple or glue on your own material. All holes in the fiberboard and insulation are precision die cut (No routers or saber saws) Die cutting makes for a perfect fit and they snap right on. You merely cut out the covering for the accessories you have and pop them on.

If your porsche has power windows and would like the reinforcement bezels go to the door panels accesories section and purchses our Stainless steel power window reinforcement bezels.

This set includes Bare Door panels. Door handles with bezels, Door opener straps with bezels, Handle anchor kit with setting tool (we anchor our handle to the door, not the door panel like others), (6) plastic panel panel retainers, As well as a set of screws and trim rings.